Making Lap Joint Boomerangs with Hand Tools

Christoph Schmitz <cs at cs75 dot de>
October 10, 2009
(Last update: June 18, 2011)


Ever since I first saw the beautiful lap joint boomerangs made by Pat Steigman, Dave Hendricks, Steven Graham, and Dr. Fred Malmberg, I wanted to make some of my own. There was even a great tutorial on making lap joint boomerangs on the web. Unfortunately, at that time my woodworking skills amounted to nil and my "workshop" consisted of a Black & Decker Workmate, some rasps, and some sandpaper.

Since then, I've figured out how to make lap joint boomerangs using a reasonably small set of hand tools; thus, I want to share the following description as a complement to the abovementioned tutorial.